Let's capture some of why we loved Wilke so much. As one friend of his put it:

"...write up an anecdote – some story where they watched Wilke build up into righteous anger when reporting a story... or ironing out a crease in the fabric of the Journal bureau... And someone should talk about him tearing up when he described taking his kid to college…..Or when he became nearly inconsolable when the anthrax story came back and cost him two fantastic seats at the Nats-Mets game. Describe a time he filled in for people, picked up their loads for them, counseled them, slipped them incredible sources, shared bylines... that will keep him alive and you (and the rest of us) afloat."

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John Wilke

I am so saddened that Nancy, Robin, and Jackson, plus all of the rest of us, have lost John. He was a wonderful neighbor and friend. We shared custody, so to speak, of Mandy and Lucy the border collies on Halloween 1998. He always had a fine literary allusion to describe their loony antics. He loved telling us about the Microsoft trial and its tribulations, plus the patience and kindness of his dear wife. God bless him and his wonderful family.

The Goldberg Family (Eric, Betsy, and Juliet)

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