Let's capture some of why we loved Wilke so much. As one friend of his put it:

"...write up an anecdote – some story where they watched Wilke build up into righteous anger when reporting a story... or ironing out a crease in the fabric of the Journal bureau... And someone should talk about him tearing up when he described taking his kid to college…..Or when he became nearly inconsolable when the anthrax story came back and cost him two fantastic seats at the Nats-Mets game. Describe a time he filled in for people, picked up their loads for them, counseled them, slipped them incredible sources, shared bylines... that will keep him alive and you (and the rest of us) afloat."

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The Wilke Special

Here is a note I sent to some friends on Saturday night. Suffice it to say he is a legend among the press corps I have come to know over these many years. I am proud to have known him and will miss him greatly.

I recall something I called the "Wilke special" that would begin with a phone call to Mark Murray or I on a Friday. Brother Wilke's story was largely written by that time and we would commence to try and unwind his thesis fighting for precious real estate on the story that would land Sunday night to set the agenda for the week. To be honest it wasn't really much of a fight. He had the cards and all too often we were short a few. But he was always a gentleman.... Pleased to hear our pov and eager to share a beverage soon thereafter to discuss the next act in that awful theater. I will miss him. Take care all of you. Best. V

Vivek Varma

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